Enabling science by offering a flexible resource of experienced pre-screened locum scientists, niche recruitment services and LABREADY training


Who We Are

The company founders are scientists with many years of pharmaceutical industry experience, from the lab bench right up to senior management. This gives us an understanding of the challenges faced in meeting fluctuating project demands with a fixed resource.

We are passionate about science.  We aim to provide clients with the experienced people they need, quickly and for just the right amount of time and scientists with opportunities to use and develop their skills in a flexible way. Our LABREADY training courses are also designed to help those scientists lacking industrial experience to enable their first steps in applying for jobs and starting their scientific career path in a commercial lab setting. 

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What We Offer Clients

Do you need an extra pair of experienced hands every so often? Journeymen Scientists can quickly provide pre-screened locum scientists, employed by us, with just the right skills for the job, for exactly the times you need them

We also offer other services to match your requirements, including colleagues with project management, brief interpretation, resourcing strategy and scientific writing experience to name a few.  LABREADY training for new graduates/ under-graduate placement students due to start in your labs may also be of interest to you.

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What We Offer Scientists

Journeymen Scientists provide opportunities for experienced scientists looking for occasional or short term work.  Those scientists who we believe would benefit from our flexible working approach are listed below....do any of these sound like you?

- taken a career break and want to return to science
- taken early retirement but would still like to practice and share their knowlege
- want to expand or gain industry experience whilst confirming their career path

To help graduate/post-doc scientists who lack invaluable industrial experience/lab commercial awareness we run LABREADY training courses to bridge the gap from an academia mindset to a commercial one.

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