Enabling science by offering a flexible resource of experienced pre-screened locum scientists, niche recruitment services and LABREADY training

Congratulations, you are one click away from joining our Journeymen Scientists bank!

We are keen to engage enthusiastic, skilled scientists and help you find positions that suit your experience, life-style choice and geographic location.  We have a novel, flexible way of working that we hope will make a refreshing change in the world of R&D.  And we do not charge any membership fee to be a member of our bank.

Specifically we are excited to help the following three demographics...

  • Those who have taken time out from their science career to start a family or other commitments. If you fall into this category you may feel daunted by the prospect of returning to the lab. We will find suitable work that will build your self confidence to help you slot into other job roles as and when you are ready.  We can also provide back-to-work training in order to make you feel more confident about a particular role.
  • Those of you who have taken early retirement and still want to use your extensive skills and knowledge back at the bench, on a part-time or occasional basis.  Maybe you fancy a junior role to still feel a part of the science community?  Or perhaps you are keen to pass on your knowledge to the next generation of scientists.  We want to hear from you.
  • Those of you who have completed a Post-doc or PhD.  You may want to build some industrial experience for your CV? We will provide you with opportunities to explore the different life science options in a flexible way so no long term commitment until you find the area you enjoy. Maybe your current project could help some of our clients based on your specialism and expertise.

We appreciate everyone has different work-life commitments so if working just term times, holiday times, shorter working days to cover childcare, or a couple of months a year appeals to you then we will endeavour to accomodate your preferences. You tell us the sort of roles you enjoy and we will match you to the most suitable positions.  There is no obligation to accept any roles offered to you that do not fit your requirements.  We offer simple structured service levels that cover the range of skills expected of you, defined and agreed up front with yourself and the client.  Payment is easy too, we will pay you directly each month.

We also run a LABREADY training course.  This is primarily aimed at those graduates/post-docs who have no industrial experience, or for returners to science who would benefit from a skills refresh. The 3 day course covers Basic lab skills, Commercial awareness (key behaviours /expectations/ processes in an industrial lab) and Marketing yourself (how to get your foot through the door).  Attending the course and including it on your CV will demonstrate to potential employers a proactive attitude to gaining some commercial knowledge and kick starting your scientific career.  Single modules are also available. 

We hope by providing you with a flavour of Journeymen Scientists you would like to get in touch with us whether to enquire about the LABREADY training course or joining the bank.  For the bank, tell us a bit about yourselves – if you have a CV – great, if you don't then that's fine too, we just ask you to give us some contact details and we can have a chat about your skills and availability. By joining our Journeymen Scientists bank and being employed by us we hope you will enjoy being back in the exciting world of science and throughout your experience you will be fully supported by us.