Enabling science by offering a flexible resource of experienced pre-screened locum scientists, niche recruitment service and LABREADY training

The company founders (Suzy Rigby and Julie Doherty) are scientists and colleagues with over 30 years of combined experience working for a large pharmaceutical company. Our experiences cover a range of roles and skills in the life science sector, from lab bench up to senior management.

Our market research confirmed that the challenges faced in meeting fluctuating project demands with a fixed resource are major issues experienced by small CROs and life science start-up companies. Journeymen Scientists are really excited to be able to help resolve these issues by providing a flexible scientific resource of experienced pre-screened scientists, as and when needed, with minimal input from the client. Our pool of scientists will be available to work from one day at a time to small or medium term contracts, to suit both parties.  Skills and techniques will already have been assessed to optimally match experience with the task in hand, enabling fast and appropriate resourcing.  

As well as our business clients, our flexible way of working is also attractive and advantageous to our scientists and we are delighted by our growing bank of reliable, highly skilled and enthusiastic experienced colleagues.

Our new LABREADY training course was successfully piloted in 2015.  We had positive feedback from both the scientists who attended (under-graduates due to start on a years' industrial placement and returners to work) and clients who were providing the placement experience. The course is a short 3 day training intervention providing core lessons in bench skills and professional qualities in a commercial setting.  Topics include basic lab skills with numeracy, real life industry examples, practicals and exercises. The commercial awareness piece covers behaviours, attitudes and expectations in a commercial lab.  The course is run with small groups (approx 5 students) so is "hands on" and provides students lacking industry experience with a good grounding on what will be expected of them with their first steps in industry. 

Our offices are based in the reputable international hub BioCity Nottingham in the East Midlands, a fantastic, central location. The LABREADY training course uses the Biotel Education lab based at BioCity.