Being from a pharma background we understand the pressures faced running a small-medium sized CRO/life-science company. Contracts are offered with short notice, no longer allowing you to support your permanent headcount in terms of your financial forecast. So in order for you to take these contracts on you need people to slot in and out of your organisation quickly. We also understand work flows are unpredictable and we believe businesses like yourselves would benefit from a flexible resource that Journeymen Scientists are offering in order to iron out "peaks and troughs" of work.

We presume also because you're small, it's all hands to the deck as time is crucial, so you don't have the resource luxury of a HR department to handle any recruitment and interviewing. 

Journeymen Scientists are really excited about helping you.

  • Our Journeymen Scientists Bank consists of reputable pre-screened scientists who possess a wide range of skills and experiences. 
  • Employed by us, we can offer scientists at a daily rate depending on your requirements and package of work.
  • We will find the right skilled scientists to suit your needs, be it an extra pair of hands to do general lab tasks, someone to take on the report writing be it in your office space or at their own home, interpretation of briefs and experimental design, to specialised lab techniques or required knowledge.
  • We will also provide tailor-made solutions if your needs are a little bit out of the ordinary
  • We use a simple structured service level and costing plan so it is clear to both you and the scientist as to what is expected of them and requested by you.
  • We offer an expert interview panel service consisting of consultants/experienced senior scientists who cover a broad scientific field of expertise and can remove the burden of interviewing your scientists. Click on the expert panel link to check out our experts credentials.
  • Lastly, we will stay in touch, to check everyone is happy throughout.

We hope you are enthused by what we are offering and feel your business growth and demands would benefit from working with us.  If so, please drop us an enquiry –  and will be in touch to chat about your future or imminent requirements.